Can wearing a Rudraksha on Masik Shivratri bring in infinite blessings for a better life? As per shastraas lord Shiva is the presiding deity of Shivratri. He is the God of Gods and is worshipped as Mahadev and addressed as Rathrivallabha. His meditative powers drew infinite energy and from the tears of his right, left , third eye ,the Rudraksha were formed. Even when lord Shiva manifested as the jyothirlinga neither Bramha nor Vishnu could fathom its height or depth. So infinite was his presence…Continue Reading “Rudraksha for Masik Shivratri (June 2017)”

Shravan is an auspicious month, blessed and graced by the ever auspicious lord Shiva. This month is very favorable for those who seek the choicest of blessings from lord Shiva. Lord Shiva, an immortal took a form to become the reason for existence. The beats of his damaroo, created vibrations that ensured that everything that was created, moved and vibrated. Shiva further chose to reside in the sounds of the universe. His divine existence could be felt in the sound of waves, temple bells, claps…Continue Reading “SHRAVAN: RUDRAKSHA FOR THE AUSPICIOUS MONTH OF HIGH VIBRATIONAL DIVINE BLESSINGS”

Worship of lord Shiva in the month of Shravan is very auspicious to seek his blessings. The abode of lord Shiva , the snow clad Kailasha in the Himalayas is elusive, mysterious and very tough to scale. In Shravan Lord Shiva steps down from this abode ,accompanied by monsoon laden clouds and roams the land showering blessings abundantly. Lord Shiva could be appeased by worshipping a Shivaling with certain items in Shravan. Each of these items had a blessing associated with it when offered with…Continue Reading “Shravan Abhishek”

When Pradosh is observed on Wednesday for knowledge and progeny it is called as Saumya Vaara Pradosh. Pradosha literally means removal of sins. Worshiping lord Shiva during Pradosha occurring between 3:30 to 6: 30 (from afternoon to evening) on Trayodashi gives relief from sins and gives Moksha. Lord Shiva always blessed those who sought his help and forgiveness. Lord Shiva is ever auspicious, peaceful, all accepting and all pervasive. He would protect people who pray to him but his wrath could anhilliate any evil force….Continue Reading “Saumya Vaara Pradosha (21st June 2017)”

vat purnima

Vat Poornima is a festival celebrated by married women for the well being and long life of their husbands. Vata vruksha (Banyan tree) is considered very sacred in mythology and Poornima (full moon) is the brightest night where moon is glowing in its lucid gentle way. In mythology Savitri was considered to be the embodiment of truth, love, courage and persistence. When lord Yama (the God of death) took the soul of Satyavan, her husband; she placed his body under the banyan tree and followed…Continue Reading “Vat Poornima”


Pradosha is the time to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva and his beloved consort Goddess Parvati. As per ancient scriptures Lord Shiva , seats his consort next to him during this time and ever pleased in each other’s company; they shower their grace on those who seek them. When the time of Pradosh arrives, Gandharvas, Yakshas, birds, snakes, saints, devas, vidyadharas, bhootas and all beings of the three worlds come and stand near lord Shiva. It is due to this reason, that even if…Continue Reading “Bhauma Pradosh”

This day is dedicated to the glorious lord of Kailasha, blue throated ,lustrous, adorned with snakes and Rudraksha who is known as lord Shiva. Smeared with ash ,he is accompanied by his consort the kind, patient and loving Goddess Parvati. Masik Shivratri is observed by people who wish to seek the blessings of this divine Lord Shiva and his consort. On the day of Shivratri people who observe a “vrata” ( fast) should wake up before sunrise, bathe, wear a Rudraksha mala and apply vibhuti….Continue Reading “Masik Shivratri May 24”

Pradosha is very auspicious to worship lord Shiva and his consort goddess Parvati to seek their blessings for a propitious life. When Pradosha falls on Tuesday it is called as Bhauma Pradosh. Mangal, Bhauma or Mars is the ruling energy of this day. In scriptures, Bhauma was blessed by lord Shiva, given Mangal lok as a reward for his penance and devotion. Scriptures further state that when an individual follows Bhauma Pradosh they receive grace to remove problems associated with the malefic effects of mars….Continue Reading “Bhauma Pradosh”

Sankashti Chaturthi, a day considered auspicious for worship of lord Ganesha, is observed by people who wish to have an obstacle free life. Lord Ganesha was created by Goddess Parvati. In turn he stood guard outside her chamber and did not allow anybody to enter unless she permitted it. When he refused lord Shiva entry a battle followed. This beautiful young child fought Shiva’s Ganas, Nandi and lord Shiva himself to honor his mother’s choice. When Shiva beheaded this child, Parvati was furious and demanded…Continue Reading “Sankashti Chaturthi : May 14 2017”

Vinayak Chaturthi starts on the fourth day of Vedic Luni-Solar calendar month of Bhadrapada. The festival is celebrated as Lord Ganesh’s birthday, the harbinger of good beginnings, prosperity and obstacle remover. It is observed throughout India, especially as a public event in the western states of India such as Maharashtra, Gujarat and Chhattisgarh, Vinayaka or Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He is known for his knowledge, wisdom and amicable temperament. He is blessed by Lord Shiva with a boon that clearly states that if prayers…Continue Reading “Vinayak/Ganesh Chaturthi”