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|| रुद्राक्षधारणाच्च श्रेष्ठं किन्चिदपि विध्यते || On this planet, there is no other path better than wearing of Rudraksha.

Rudraksha is also known as ‘tears of Lord Shiva’. They are seeds of fruits from trees belonging Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb family. Since time immemorial Rudraksha seeds are being used by the pious and the common man for spiritual, physical or material gains. Most of the trees are found in Nepal and also in some countries of South East Asia particularly in Indonesia. Many successful personalities from the world of business, films, politics, spirituality, Shankaracharyas and new age Gurus are wearing Rudraksha and appreciate the gains in their respective fields provided by these divine beads.

Unlike gemstones, Rudraksha have specific Beej (seed) mantras each for a particular mukhi (facet) as given by our Shastras. It is a well-accepted belief that Beej mantras are the source of cosmic energies and can make positive changes at basic material or emotional level.

Gemstones were being used by the kings and royalties in earlier days and were a symbol of luxury and attraction and their use in astrology started not so long ago. Benefits in the real sense from wearing gemstones is a subject matter of discussion, while the success rate of getting benefits, either for health, controlling stress or success in many fronts by wearing Rudraksha is very high. Comparatively gemstones do not occupy the same respect and acceptability, although no authentic study has been carried out for such a comparison.

One thing is sure; Rudraksha wearing has absolutely no side effects. One can wear any mukhi Rudraksha, with or without Mantras and as the Shastras say that even if no ritual is followed, the mere sight Rudraksha frees a person of many sins. The side effects of gemstones are accepted by all, a blue sapphire (Neelam) can wreak havoc in a person’s life if it does not suit and nearly same is the case with respect to diamond.

Rudraksha wearing does not require any advice from any astrologer or an expert. One can just read about the properties of the bead and then choose either one or multiple beads. If a learned “Recommender” or an “Expert” is available then they can help one in short listing of Rudraksha what you should wear.

Rudraksha, although a natural product from trees, has electromagnetic properties and many mystical characteristics due to deep blue colour of their fruits. Blue colour represents divinity and an expansive character. Many of our Gods have blue colour viz Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna, Goddess Kali and Lord Ram etc. Modern day research has also proven that Rudraksha is full of medicinal properties. Several Ayurvedic literature mention about medicinal properties of Rudraksha and very soon Rudraksha based medicines will be available in the market. The same cannot be said of any of the gemstones as there is no such medicinal or Ayurvedic supported property in them.

Rudraksha are respected and revered by people from all walks of life like astrologers, alternate therapists, doctors, they all prefer to wear Rudraksha. Many modern day spiritual Gurus distribute Rudraksha to their followers. Rudralife offers only the best quality Rudraksha, which are 100% laboratory tested for their authenticity and quality.

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