Bhauma Pradosh

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Pradosha is the time to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva and his beloved consort Goddess Parvati. As per ancient scriptures Lord Shiva , seats his consort next to him during this time and ever pleased in each other’s company; they shower their grace on those who seek them. When the time of Pradosh arrives, Gandharvas, Yakshas, birds, snakes, saints, devas, vidyadharas, bhootas and all beings of the three worlds come and stand near lord Shiva. It is due to this reason, that even if a person worships lord Shiva during this time he is blessed by all the others. When Pradosh falls on Tuesday it is called as Bhauma Pradosh.

Bhauma is another name for the planet Mars. It is told in shastraas that Mangal/ Bhauma performed acts and offered prayers to lord Shiva to please him. He was gifted Mangal lok, by Parmeshwar. Mars the fiery red planet rules energy and courage. Energy propels a human being to work, evolve and succeed while courage helps him overcome or break barriers. A favorable blessing from lord Shiva accompanied by the energy of Mars can help overcome health problems, untimely death, physical or emotional poverty to achieve new heights in life as per texts.

Rudraksha the auspicious seed of lord Shiva draws tremendous divine energy to the wearer and when worn during Pradosh magnifies the receptive energy to seek divine grace. Fasting, praying, meditating offering flowers, fruits, milk, curd , honey and Rudraksha itself to the Shivaling during Pradosh is very auspicious. During Pradosha kalam which occurs between 3:30 in the afternoon to 6:30 in the evening , Rudram, Rudrashtakam, Shiv Namavalli and other prayers auspicious to lord Shiva are chanted in temples. Meditation, lighting of lamps , charity or simply remembering lord Shiva during Pradosha is a divine practice of devout submission. Pradosha day falls on Trayodashi twice a month. The moon, Nandi, trident, Rudraksha, damaroo and snake all are dear to lord Shiva. This Pradosha  wear an energized Rudraksha that can control the malefic effects of Mars and bestow wonderful blessings. Rudraksha exist from 1 to 21 Mukhi and Rudralife supplies high quality beads to ensure optimum customer satisfaction with benefits that are both spiritual and scientific.

Lord Shiva was addressed in mantras as” Mahadevam, Mahakalam, Mahadhyana Parayanam; Mahapaapaharam devam Makaaraya Namo Namah” . So wear the energized Rudraksha from us and surrender to the God of Gods who can absolve sins, ward off untimely death and bless the wearer of the beads most dear to him with good health, wealth, knowledge and prosperity. Wear it individually or in a power combination; once purchased get it energized for free during Pradosh with auspicious mantras. So visit us, call us or e- mail us. You can log in to www. rudralife. com for further details. Rudralife is dedicated to lord Shiva, Rudraksha and our Customers . Come and avail our free astro numerology consultations accompanying every purchase .

Wear your Rudraksha close to your heart, replace fear with faith, lack with abundance, hatred with love, disappointment with hope and live your life completely under the watchful eyes of lord Shiva. Texts state that Bhauma Pradosh is auspicious for those seeking good health , a male child or for overcoming losses. Science and lab testing prove the magnetic properties of the Rudraksha but  numerous customer testimonials prove the benefit that our customers have experienced by wearing high quality Rudraksha. Please experience the benefit of wearing it during Pradosha to experience science and shastraas engulfed in a single divine Rudraksha that originated from the eyes of the God of Gods. “ Om Namah Shivay”!

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