Masik Shivratri May 24

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This day is dedicated to the glorious lord of Kailasha, blue throated ,lustrous, adorned with snakes and Rudraksha who is known as lord Shiva. Smeared with ash ,he is accompanied by his consort the kind, patient and loving Goddess Parvati. Masik Shivratri is observed by people who wish to seek the blessings of this divine Lord Shiva and his consort.

On the day of Shivratri people who observe a “vrata” ( fast) should wake up before sunrise, bathe, wear a Rudraksha mala and apply vibhuti. After this, prayers should be offered to lord Shiva with utmost devotion to seek his blessings. The observer of this fast should visit a Shiva temple and offer water, milk, honey, curd, white flowers and fruits . This act is known to bring in divine forgiveness and blessings. Some people offer lotus flowers, incense sticks and ring bells as a part of the ceremony.

The observer of this vrata should also keep vigil all night, while chanting the mantra “ Om Namah Shivaya”. Some people choose to observe this day by keeping silence and meditating on the form of lord Shiva. On this day some people choose to buy a Rudraksha mala and offer it to lord Shiva as Rudraksha mala was his favorite. For those who don’t fast , even praying to lord Shiva at home while wearing a Rudraksha is bound to bring in a multitude of blessings.

A sincere thought of Lord Shiva while seeking his blessings ,draws divine energy from outside to the wearer of the Rudraksha as per Shastraas. The Rudraksha are multifaceted seeds found in nature and get their origins from the auspicious eyes of lord Shiva. His compassion for mankind ,made him leave a heritage of divine ,powerful energy in the form of  Rudraksha for those who were seeking his love, protection, help and blessings as per shastraas. When you buy, wear ,gift or donate Rudraksha please ensure that they are genuine and of good quality. A good quality , ISO lab tested Rudraksha has a very good level of electromagnetic and Para – magnetic properties. On wearing it, the wearer not only draws divine energy, but also experiences better breathing patterns and improved blood circulation as per science and shastraas.

Rudralife, an organization dedicated, to supplying high quality Rudraksha invites you to celebrate Masik Shivratri by buying a good quality Rudraksha . We have 1 to 21 mukhi Rudraksha and each Rudraksha is ruled by a deity in the Hindu pantheon. We also keep powerful combinations of Rudraksha for health, education, vastu, protection and overall success. Call us, email us , visit our website or personally visit us. We will help you buy the Rudraksha that is meant for you. We provide free astro -numerology consultations and energize the Rudraksha with prayers meant for you by a Hindu pandit

Wearing a  Rudraksha and asking for lord Shiva’s blessings on Masik Shivratri after offering all your five senses to him is known to dissolve negativity in every aspect of life and draws immense positive blessings. Thus the wearer starts to experience a more successful life and gets his desires fulfilled. In the shastraas lord Shiva is addressed as “ Bhavanikalantram bhaje Pachavaktram” ( accompanied by Goddess Bhavani , the five faced lord). So remember to wear the Rudraksha and offer your five senses to him to seek the blessings of lord Shiva and his consort. “ Om Namah Shivay”.

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