Sankashti Chaturthi : May 14 2017

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Sankashti Chaturthi, a day considered auspicious for worship of lord Ganesha, is observed by people who wish to have an obstacle free life. Lord Ganesha was created by Goddess Parvati. In turn he stood guard outside her chamber and did not allow anybody to enter unless she permitted it. When he refused lord Shiva entry a battle followed. This beautiful young child fought Shiva’s Ganas, Nandi and lord Shiva himself to honor his mother’s choice. When Shiva beheaded this child, Parvati was furious and demanded that his life should be returned. Lord Shiva replaced the severed head with the head of an elephant, brought Ganesha back to life, and announced that people would have to worship Ganesha first before worshiping any other deities.

This is how the benevolent, elephant headed God was presented to mankind and the devic kingdom. On Sankashti Chaturthi, people offer red hibiscus flowers, Dhruva( sacred grass), laddoos, Modak, kheer, haldi, kumkum and akshatha to worship lord Ganesha. Some people follow a fast and consume root vegetables, sabudana khichdi, curd or milk. This fast is broken at night after sighting the moon. In ancient texts, he was known for his wisdom, forgiveness, capacity to take in knowledge, control the fickle nature of the mind and discarding negative to retain positive.

It is not surprising that this son of lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati had his idol present in every temple at the entrance or before the other main deities. In every havan or pooja his name is first invoked so that every procedure is done properly without disturbance or delays. The multiplicity of wants and spectrum of choices can wreak havoc on the human mind. Doubts, indecisiveness and procrastination are major obstacles when decisions have to be made. Delays, failure, falling into wrong hands are external obstacles that cannot be controlled at all times. A person who follows or worships lord Ganesha on this day procures his abundant blessings and overcomes all the above as per texts.

The Rudraksha assigned to lord Ganesha is an eight mukhi. Alternatively the Ganesha Rudraksha or any of the two with Gaurishankar Rudraksha worn on this day comes as a big blessing to the wearer. When obstacles are removed by a divine presence the blessings start pouring in continuously. At Rudralife we provide high quality and collector seeds of lord Ganesha. We energize the beads  with the relevant mantras. Our astro numerology consultations are free. We also provide power combinations that harness the maximum potency of divine power to bless and guide you as per shastraas. So write in to us, call us or visit us if you wish to buy and wear this product along with a special puja meant for your welfare on this day. You can view our other products at

As per Ganesha vrat Kathas, people who follow sankashti and listen to his Kathas are blessed with good health, job, business, spouse, vehicles, children, properties , good knowledge, respect and all the things desired to lead a good life. So attune to the divine frequencies of this ever auspicious benevolent deity and wear the Rudraksha assigned to him on Sankashti Chaturthi. Om Shri Ganeshaya Namah!

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