Vat Poornima

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vat purnima

Vat Poornima is a festival celebrated by married women for the well being and long life of their husbands. Vata vruksha (Banyan tree) is considered very sacred in mythology and Poornima (full moon) is the brightest night where moon is glowing in its lucid gentle way. In mythology Savitri was considered to be the embodiment of truth, love, courage and persistence. When lord Yama (the God of death) took the soul of Satyavan, her husband; she placed his body under the banyan tree and followed lord Yama fearlessly. Her unconditional love and quest to bring back her beloved to life made her fearlessly follow lord Yama. She sang his praises, appeasing him and seeking his blessing to bring back Satyavan to life. This blessing of life received from the lord of death catapulted Satyavan and Savitri in mythological texts as the embodiment of divine love. Vat Poornima is observed in their honor.

The banyan tree is worshipped by wives who fast and pray for their husband. They circle the tree while tying it with a thread. One more aspect of the banyan tree is that lord Shiva as Dakshinamurthy sits under it facing south. Dakshinamurthy is the embodiment of the fearless soul that dwells in truth, light and knowledge while facing south that is the direction of lord Yama. It is no wonder that Vat Vruksha is so sacred. The string that is tied around it is considered to bind and bring the blessings of well being and long life to the husband when his wife ties it while circling this tree. Married ladies, wake up early, bathe, pray and follow the rituals of worship for their spouses on this day. This festival is celebrated in Gujarat, Maharashtra, some parts of north and south India. Haldi, kumkum, flowers, incense sticks, sacred threads, lamps, and fruits are used in worship. Rudraksha is a divine seed that can be used to avail maximum blessings on this day. As per shastraas wearing it can bring balanced, unconditional divine love and blessings that manifest in life. The wearer of the Rudraksha and the person who gifts it both are blessed with a divine shower of abundance by lord Shiva and numerous deities from the Hindu pantheon as per texts.

In modern times where the phrase “No strings attached” is trending in relationships this festival of tying a string around a banyan tree is still followed by many. This day is also a good day to string a Rudraksha and gift to your husband after all it is from the eyes of lord Shiva who is known as Sankara(he who does good) and Mahakal ( he who has conquered time)) in ancient texts. A Rudraksha was prescribed in ancient texts to overcome fear, sickness, ignorance and untimely death. Scientifically it was known for its magnetic properties. Rudraksha are available in nature from 1-21 mukhi and each Rudraksha is blessed by a deity from the Hindu pantheon. Some Rudraksha or combinations are recommended for balanced relationships and unconditional love. Visit us, call us, or log in to and we will help you select the right one for you and your husband on this day. Our Rudraksha are ISO lab tested so that our customers get the benefit of genuine quality beads. We provide free astro numerology services and puja to energize the Rudraksha once you have purchased it. So do purchase it on this day as this divine seed is the mystical evidence of the divine energy which can shield, bless and enhance unconditional love for two souls who are strung in the divine institution of marriage.” Om Namah Shivay.”!!!!

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